Standard conditions of hire

1. The Hiring Agreement constitutes permission only to use the premises and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer.

2. Both the allocated rooms and common areas must be left clean and tidy at the end of every session. It is essential that stairways and passages are not obstructed. Unless storage facilities are made available to Hirers, equipment and furniture brought into the premises must be removed at the end of every session – storage made available must also be kept clean and tidy.

3. All users are required to sign in at the start of their session, and to sign out at the end, in books kept for this purpose in the entrance lobby. The Authorised representative of hiring organisations using the Howard De Walden Community Centre facilities on a regular basis may, by agreement with the Centre Manager, sign in and out for the group, but only if he/she knows the numbers of his group at all times.

4. The premises are insured by the Howard De Walden Community Centre, but hiring organisations must arrange public liability insurance to cover any claim of negligence or legal liability against the organisation arising out of its use of the premises. (There is no such requirement for individuals making single hirings, but they are strongly advised to consider whether they should arrange cover for themselves).

a) Hirers must refrain from any activity which could jeopardise the Howard De Walden Community Centre’s insurance cover, and in particular, the safety and security of the premises. The Howard De Walden Community Centre site is a non-smoking area, no naked lights are permitted, fire doors must not be propped open, and any electrical equipment must be safe and carry a current safety certificate.

b) Hirers whose agreements entitle use of the kitchen may use it only for food storage and for preparation of food and beverages (including warming or re-heating). To meet current legislation you must not cook chips.

c) Users are responsible for their own safety in the event of fire, (and representatives of organisations are responsible for the members of their group). All hirers must therefore be aware of the Centre’s fire safety arrangements and emergency exit routes; and responsible for holding periodic fire safety drills

d) Any accident involving injury to any user must be recorded in the accident book kept for this purpose in the entrance lobby.

5. The hiring fee (except where specifically excluded) includes gas, electricity and water. Hirers shall turn off heaters, lights and taps after use.

6. The last person to leave the Centre in the evening is responsible for ensuring that windows and doors are secured, and that the alarm is switched on. Also, where relevant, that the car park is secured. When leaving the centre, hirers, and anyone collecting those hirers, shall leave quietly as a courtesy to neighbours.

7. The Hirer is reminded that, in addition to complying with the above, the Hiring Agreement also requires that he/she, (or his Authorised Representative) is responsible to the Howard De Walden Community Centre for ensuring appropriate supervision for the number of persons using the premises, their behaviour, noise levels and access including car parking; that no damage occurs to the premises, furniture, equipment or fittings, in the event of any such damage, the Hirer agrees to indemnify the Howard De Walden Community Centre against the cost of reparations; that the specific agreement of the Howard De Walden Community Centre is obtained before the consumption of alcohol is authorised; that the Hirer is responsible for obtaining any relevant licences for use of television receiving equipment, for music, dancing and public performances, and for betting, gaming or lotteries. He/she shall observe all relevant laws, including the Children Act 1989, and those on public safety and food health and hygiene.

8. Please note that the Howard De Walden Community Centre cannot be used for 18th or 21st birthday parties.

Any Hirer requiring clarification of any matter in this paragraph must contact the Clerk to the Trustees.